Rangel: Republican 2016 Presidential Candidates Look Like ‘Saturday Night Live’

Wednesday on CSPAN’s “Washington Journal,” Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) discussed the Trade Promotion Authority legislation, but also took a shot at the field of Republicans 2016 presidential candidates by saying they “look like a ‘Saturday Night Live” review.”

“I hate to see, in the last few years of the great president’s term, him not being able to succeed and have the authority to sign off on a great trade agreement,” Rangel said. “Quite frankly I cannot think of one positive issue that the Republicans can go into in 2016. And unfortunately most of the candidates that they are putting up look like it’s a ‘Saturday Night Live’ review. And so if they can come together with the president, and say not withstanding our problems with you, healthcare, diversity of income, and all of the other things, this is good for the country, good for America. Let’s come together and do it.”

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