Blue State Blues: When You Bare Your Breasts Against ISIS, We’ll Care

Blue State Blues (Breitbart)
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This week, the marauding terrorist hordes of the so-called Islamic State (or ISIS, or ISIL) captured the central Syrian city of Palmyra, plunging its citizens into despair and threatening priceless historic sites that are the common heritage of humanity.

While the women of Palmyra await their fate–which, in other ISIS-held regions, has included child sex slavery and worse–the young women of San Diego, California bared their breasts to protest unequal treatment of the male and female nipple.

Not to be outdone, a group of women in San Francisco bared their breasts and blocked traffic to protest “police brutality against black/trans women.”

That is, at least, a serious human rights issue, as we learned last week from Iran, which told the UN Human Rights Council that the United States had to do more to “protect the rights of African Americans against police brutality” and “end discrimination in law and practice against all minorities and…particularly against women.”

Iran, of course, is in a class of its own when it comes to oppressing women and persecuting minorities. The regime is in league with other abusive tyrannies, including Syria. Mourning Palmyra, Syrian antiquities chief Maamoun Abdulkarim said: “This is the fall of a civilization…Human, civilized society has lost the battle against barbarism.”

He is right, though his government’s definition of “civilization” includes dropping barrel bombs and chemical weapons on helpless civilians.

That sort of police brutality gets little attention from the youth of California, who imagine that the human breast is some kind of subversive revolutionary weapon.

Boobs certainly challenge the established order–in Iran, Syria, and the so-called Islamic State. Women have been beaten, jailed and killed in those places for far less.

Yet we do not see the Amazonian armies besieging the Iranian delegation to the UN, or going topless to raise awareness about ISIS’ denigration of women’s bodies.

Here is an actual statement by an actual student in San Diego: “We live in a very misogynic society where women’s bodies are hypersexualized.”

Really? Then students should be willing to do even more to protest the treatment of women in Iran. Why, they should go the full monty outside the San Francisco fundraiser of the National Iranian American Council, a pro-regime front that defends a regime that devotes a special police force to punishing women who fail to conceal their hair.

San Diego and San Francisco are the two cities least likely to take offense at bare breasts. The University of California San Diego, site of the “free the nipple” protest, is uphill from the state’s most famous nude beach. In San Francisco, public nudity was only recently banned, mostly because people tired of seeing penises, not breasts.

On social media, the protestors strove mightily to convince each other they had shocked their communities.

Um, no. Try protesting ISIS. Then we’ll care.


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