CNN Poll: Hillary’s Numbers Plunge in Wake of ‘Clinton Cash’ Revelations

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A CNN poll released Tuesday shows that Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating with the public is in a serious, measurable freefall. For the first time since CNN began polling the former Secretary of State’s favorable rating in 2006, Clinton is underwater on this question, 46% – 50%.

That 46% represents an extraordinary 23 point plummet from September of 2011; a 21 point drop from November of 2012; an 11 point drop from one year ago; and a seven point drop from just two months ago when she still sat at a healthy 53% – 44%.

A full 54% of Independents view Clinton as unfavorable. Only 41% disagree.

Much of course has happened since March — primarily the release of Clinton Cash. Authored by Breitbart News senior editor-at-large Peter Schweizer, Clinton Cash is a damning investigation into, among other things, all the shady financial dealings that entangle the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s tenure as America’s Secretary of State.

There is also the matter of Clinton’s email scandal, uncovered earlier this year by Congressman Trey Gowdy’s congressional inquiry into Benghazi. It was through that committee we learned Hillary violated State Department policy by using a private email address for official business — a private email that was also stored on her own private server. She has since deleted thousands of emails and refuses to turn the server over to a third party investigator.

Although the mainstream media has in no way frenzied over these scandals in the same they would if Hillary were a Republican (the media would aggressively seek to disqualify the Republican), there has been a lot of media coverage, and these revelations are obviously taking a toll, not just against Clinton’s overall favorable ratings.

When asked if Hillary “inspires confidence,” she is upside down 49% – 50%. Two months ago, this number sat at a very healthy 58% – 42%. With Independents Clinton is upside down 11 points on this question, 44% – 55%.

On the hugely important question of Hillary caring “about people like you,” only 47% believe she does; a majority of 52% believe she doesn’t. In March the numbers were reversed at 53% – 45%. That’s a -13 point negative shift in just two months. With Independents the chasm on this question is a full 17 points, 57% – 40%.

Hillary is upside down a full 15% on the issue of trustworthiness, 42% – 57%. In March, she sat in positive territory on this question, 50%-49%. That’s a -16 point fall. With Independent voters, she is 24  points in the hole, 37% – 61%.

When it comes to Benghazi, the news only gets worse for the presumptive Democrat nominee. By a 20 point margin, voters are dissatisfied with Clinton’s handling of Benghazi, 38% – 58%. This is a -8 point fall from March, when the numbers were a little better: 55% dissatisfied, 43% satisfied.

Only 41% of voters believe Republicans have gone too far in investigating Benghazi (down from 44% in March). A clear majority of 51% believe Republicans have handled the inquiry appropriately. This means that the coordinated campaign between the Obama White House, the Clintons, and the mainstream media to demonize the Benghazi inquiries have failed miserably.

Among Democrats, Clinton is still, by far, the top choice for the nomination. She sits at 60%, Biden at 14%, Sanders at 10%, O’Malley (who officially announced Saturday) at 1%.

Even among Democrats, though, Clinton has slipped. Just last month she sat at 69% against potential challengers in her own party.

Since just last month, Republicans presidential candidates (and potential candidates) have gained considerable ground against Clinton, who looked unbeatable in April.

In parentheses are the numbers from April’s poll.

Clinton 51% – Bush 43% — (46% – 39%)

Clinton 49% – Rubio 46% — (55% – 41%)

Clinton 48% – Paul 47% — (58% – 39%)

Clinton 49% – Walker 46% — (59% – 37%)

Clinton 52% – Cruz 43% — (60% – 36%)

The best news in this poll might be for Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who announced his presidential quest just last month. Rubio is well ahead of everyone on the question of whether the candidates represent the past or the future:

Hillary 45-51

Christie 45-48

Rand 42-53

Walker 36-52

Rubio 32-58


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