Senate Ends Debate on USA Freedom Act, Final Vote Expected Tuesday Afternoon

Rand Paul
Senate TV via AP

The Senate will move forward on to a vote today on the USA Freedom Act.

Various amendments to the bill are now up for consideration.

The Guardian reports some of the amendments “strengthen surveillance reforms and restrictions, some of which bolster intelligence agencies.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) successfully filibustered the Patriot Act for 11 hours, causing several of the bulk surveillance programs to expire at midnight Sunday.

The Senate is now moving forward on the House-passed USA Freedom Act; however, several senators will offer amendments, including Paul, they say would improve the legislation.

A final vote is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. According to The Guardian, the bill sets up modified versions of the expired NSA and FBI spy programs.

It then must be sent back to the House with the incorporated amendments for approval.

This legislation comes two years after the NSA revelations leaked by Edward Snowden.


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