Bobby Jindal to Announce Presidential Decision in NOLA June 24


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) plans an announcement about the 2016 presidential election in New Orleans on June 24. He is expected to join an already crowded field of Republican candidates.

Speculation that the Republican Governor will run for president has been looming for months. In 2014 Politico noted, Jindal said he was “thinking and praying” on 2016.

But just seven months later, Jindal will make his 2016 decision official.

He joined several other GOP presidential candidates and potential candidates in Orlando at Rick Scott’s Economic Growth Summit, where Jindal said if Hillary Clinton wins in 2016 it “would amount to a “third-term for President Obama’s economic policies.”

“Put it to the American people. If they really think the Obama policies worked for us give Hillary Clinton a third term for his policies,” Jindal said to FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto. “But the American people know better than that: $18 trillion of debt; more people on food stamps; record low participation in the workforce.”

During his speech at the summit, Jindal showcased that his campaign message would target improving the Obama administration’s economy that he said was “one hell of a mess.”

Let me start today by being honest about where we are economically as a country – I’m going to apply all my knowledge and training from my Ivy League and Oxford educations, and my time as a consultant at McKinsey and as chief executive of the state of Louisiana to this analysis. Here it is, here’s my sophisticated analysis – we have one hell of a mess here in the USA. There is no point in sugar coating it. It’s really one helluva mess.

Jindal went on to say the national debt is larger than the GDP and is the largest it’s been in America’s history, government dependence is at a record high, and the budget hasn’t been balanced.

“In fact, our situation is so dire, that we cannot possibly simply cut our way out of it, and we cannot simply grow our way out of it. We have to do both,” he said. “Of course, if we do it smartly, cutting can lead to growth, and that’s the only path.”

In a recent Washington Post – ABC News poll of official and potential Republican presidential candidates, Jindal did not make the top 10, and in fact registered less than one percent.

Jindal will follow the formal White House bids of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry – which is expected Thursday – and businessman Donald Trump – expected June 16th.


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