Why Gays Support The Hillary Clinton Campaign

AP Photo/Julio Cortez
AP Photo/Julio Cortez

The gay political class — LGBT people whose livelihoods come from being political appointees, campaign staff, lobbyists, heads of non-profits often funded by government contracts — is being organized to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

This isn’t unusual for Democratic candidates, who do in truth often evolve to supporting gay legal equality, even if they previously opposed it — though often at the cost of trampling people’s religious and other liberties. Usually they manage to evolve whenever public opinion has already shifted to support a gay issue and the courts are about to deliver it anyway. And when gay donors begin to stop giving unless the Democrats walk the walk, and don’t just talk the talk.

Two recent cases in point are instructive on the gay political class.

First, in the wake of the ongoing expose of Hillary Clinton’s larcenous selling of pull for bribes around the world, initiated by investigative journalist Peter Schweizer, the gay Democratic blog The New Civil Rights Movement returns to the standard “progressive” moral fallacy of “Eve did it first!” to tell us George Bush once took $100,000 to speak to a homeless advocacy group. As if that compared to the Clintons’ haul of $250 million.

Second, while continuing to avoid reporters and questions, Hillary has been doing fundraisers with well healed gay VIPs, including a $2,700 a ticket lesbian event last week at the National Women’s Democratic Club in DC in Dupont Circle – hosted by Claire Lucas, a Hillary campaign staffer in 2008 and again now in 2015, and in between a Hillary (i.e. Obama) political appointee at the Agency for International Development (where staff referred to her as “Hurricane Claire”).

(Ms. Lucas is partnered with Judy Dlugacz, the owner of the main lesbian cruise line, Olivia Cruises, and her job at A.I.D. included pushing other countries, including tourist ports-of-call one imagines, to be more gay-friendly.  Even if no contracts were awarded to friends, one must wonder, because of Mrs. Clinton’s SOP, if it could be the case that her underlings are doing well while doing good.)

And now we discover, not from the American lapdog media, but from the Daily Mail – the news organization the Clinton campaign tried to throw out of the press pool this past weekend – that Ms. Clinton’s foundation has accepted millions of dollars from an African church that calls gay people devils.

I’m sure the gay political class will have a way to spin this. Supporting Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, or the eventual Libertarian or Green Party nominees, won’t get them a cushy job.

Bruce Majors is a former major donor to the Human Rights Campaign, Al Gore, and other candidates he is ashamed to mention.


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