Illegal Alien Health Insurance Expanded in 35 California Counties

REUTERS/Jason Redmond
REUTERS/Jason Redmond

A panel of eight County Medical Services Program (CMSP) board members appointed largely by unelected, government administrative officials unanimously decided Thursday to give health insurance to illegal aliens that aren’t low income and don’t qualify for California’s Obamacare health exchange Covered California.

Under the CMSP decision, those illegal aliens, mostly identified as adults by the Sacramento Bee, would be provided health coverage. This applies to the 35 member counties of CMSP. They are largely rural counties. It’s aimed at covering those that remain uninsured after the state’s Obamacare exchange and Medi-Cal, low-income health insurance, are considered. Expansion includes several doctor visits and $1,000 in prescription drugs the Bee reports. It could begin in 2016.

Migration Policy Institute estimates 3 million illegally present foreign nationals in California alone.

While this program operates outside of the health exchange, California is aggressively moving toward providing health insurance to foreign nationals illegally present in the state under the state’s Obamacare exchange Covered California as well.

Governor Jerry Brown Wednesday signed California’s budget including a provision to give an estimated 170,000 illegally present foreign national children Medi-Cal coverage at a cost of $130,000. This despite President Obama’s 2009 lie as he promised before Congress that illegal aliens would not be able to enroll. It’s reminiscent of another Obama lie, “If you like your healthcare plan, you’ll be able to keep your healthcare plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.”

Democrats have also introduced legislation in California, SB 4, that would provide a waiver allowing illegal aliens to enroll in state healthcare exchanges.

Meanwhile Gov. Brown has declared illegal aliens are welcome in California and even went so far as to threateningly call it un-Christian to deny them amnesty.

The CMSP also approved bumping eligibility for both legal and illegal residnets, up to 300 percent of the federal poverty level according to the Bee. The federal poverty level for a single individual is just under $12,000 for 2015. Extra cost of the program will amount to approximately $6-9 million.

The CMSP, “has responsibility for setting program eligibility standards, defining the scope of covered healthcare benefits, and determining payment rates for healthcare providers delivering emergency and non-emergency services to CMSP members,” according to its own website. Advanced Medical Management serves as the CMSP’s third party administrator.

CMSP faced budget strain before Medi-Cal expansion and creation of Covered California. According to the Bee it now enjoys a cushy $225 million reserve.

Illegal Alien advocate, Representative Luis Gutierrez wrapped up his nationwide amnesty tour at the University of Southern California and one other Los Angeles location in March. Following his speech a Q&A panel assured illegal aliens not covered under Obamacare, “there is insurance available for undocumented individuals and it does not have to be Obamacare.”

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