Breitbart EIC: Gay Marriage Ruling Opens Door to Widespread Anti-Christian Bigotry


Broadcasting live from our nation’s capital on Sirius XM Patriot radio, editor-in-chief of Breitbart News and host of Breitbart News Saturday, Alexander Marlow, said that in their ruling on gay marriage the Supreme Court “invented a natural law. They invented an innate civil right.”

Marlow sized up the extraordinary events that took place over the last couple of days on the show, saying:

The Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage contradicted everything in the Bible, contradicted traditions established over 2000 years. This opens the door to widespread anti-Christian bigotry.

You have to look at the ulterior motives of people. You have to look at the patterns. For immigration, for example, why is the left so interested in legalizing 30 million people? Is it because they just loved putting more people on the government dole to give them handouts? Are they doing it to simply increase government debt? No of course not, they’re building a voter base.

Why is it that the Republican establishment is so interested in  amnesty, comprehensive immigration reform? Because of procuring cheap labor.

You see, there’s something in it for them. It’s not out of the goodness of their hearts.

GOP rationale is not that we are a nation of immigrants and we’re going to preserve that by taking the least qualified immigrants possible, people that broke our laws, and allow them to become citizens here.

You need to look at ulterior motives about everything. The left is not just about same-sex-marriage as an end. They never have been. It is about undermining the church and about undermining conservative institutions.

I could understand a debate about whether or not same-sex couples should be able to get married if I thought that would be the end of it. But it’s not.

If you look at the way the court ruled, then you see that it opens the door to broader discrimination against churches. They will come after the churches next. That is the next narrative. It’s upsetting, but we have been talking about it on our radio program. There is nothing in this ruling that makes me think that you are safe as a society, a church-going Christian country. Christians will be accused of bigotry simply for practicing their first amendment right of freedom of religion.

I predict there are going to be staged same-sex weddings just to challenge churches to marry same-sex couples, to draw attention to themselves, to get something through the courts, eventually to erode tax exempt statuses.

If you look at the way the Alinskyite left, that Barack Obama surrounded himself with, the institutional left, the Frankfurt school, it’s always a long game. The game is about government as big as humanly possible. It’s about eroding America’s core institutions.

This is the crusade we are going to go on at Breitbart News and We are going to remind you of the heroes in American history. We are going to show you their virtues. Because they are the virtues that kept America strong in the past.

Federalism, which allows autonomy for the individual states, for example has been crushed by the recent Supreme Court rulings. The court has one obligation and that is to interpret the Constitution. Is that what Chief Justice Roberts did with Obamacare?

But I’m here to tell you we are going to fight back here at and at Breitbart News radio.


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