EXCLUSIVE: Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle, Opens up about New Book, Tells Women “Be fearless”

Fox News

Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle – cohost of The Five and Outnumbered – opened up to Breitbart News about personal experiences throughout her life that led to her writing her new book, Making the Case: How to Be Your Own Best Advocate.

Guilfoyle tells Breitbart News she wrote the book because of her fans, as many people would constantly ask her “would you please write a book” after learning about her personal life and the stages she went through to obtain her career on television.

She said many parents would want her to speak with their children, “to help them find themselves and give advice on how to help them achieve their goals.”

“I also really wanted to honor my mother and father – both passed away – and give respect to them and how they raised me, the principles, the value of hard work…and really honor them by putting it down on paper,” Guilfoyle explained.

The one topic Guilfoyle stressed while talking to Breitbart News was family. She lost her mother at an early age to leukemia and was raised by her father, who she credits for teaching her to be the best advocate for herself.

“Talking about the loss of my parents … that was really really difficult to go through,” Guilfoyle explained when asked what the most difficult part of the book was for her to write.

That’s why I decided to put that chapter in the book about how to care for aging parents because there’s a point when you wake up one morning when you realized the table has turned and you are now the caretaker, the caregiver, you are the one that is worrying and trying to take care of your parent – whether they are just getting older … and you’re put in that position where you have to care for them …be their advocate.

Prior to working at Fox News, Guilfoyle was a prosecuting attorney in California – nicknamed the “Hurricane” – because of her ability to communicate, advocate and ultimately succeed. As Guilfoyle writes in the introduction of her book:

The nickname was a nod to Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, the boxer who literally knew how to fight for his rights in and out of the ring. Carter had been wrongly accused of a crime, imprisoned for nearly twenty years, and ultimately freed after appealing his case several times. He then went on to become an advocate for other wrongly accused prisoners, proving his mettle in the process.

When you are trying someone for a crime, as I did in my early career, the consequences for the victim, the defendant, and their families can be grave. In many cases someone’s life hangs in the balance, so you better be precise with your investigation, your evidence, your words, and your intentions. I strived to do that every day and still do. Defendants would groan whenever they saw me enter a courtroom because I had a reputation for coming armed with the facts and for winning cases.

As a conservative female breaking into liberal, male dominated professions — law and politics — Guilfoyle has advice for other women going after their dreams – both personal and professional.

“Be fearless,” she said. “I think that women should really follow their hearts, their passion, their interests,” she said – adding that women are great communicators. “Any workplace is better off with women.”

A fan of Condoleezza Rice, Guilfoyle said, “I like that idea of women pursuing their dreams and their goals” especially when it comes to pursuing higher office.

She decided to write a book so readers – both men and women of all ages – can learn the tips she discovered throughout her career. “God helps those who help themselves,” Guilfoyle explained.


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