Rapper Pitbull Promises Jorge Ramos He Won’t Stay at Trump Hotels—After Receiving Praise from Marco Rubio


Rapper Pitbull has, according to Univision’s Jorge Ramos, promised the Mexican-born television personality that he won’t stay at any Trump hotels.

“Pitbull told me in an interview that he won’t go to any Trump hotels. More on Univision and Fusion,” Ramos Tweeted on Wednesday afternoon, with a photograph of him alongside Pitbull.

Ramos, whose daughter is working for the Democratic presidential primary campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has been on something of a personal mission to destroy Trump after his accurate comments about immigration-related crime in his presidential campaign launch speech.

BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins—who tried but failed to derail Trump a little over a year ago—wrote in a lengthy profile on Rubio that he’s buddy-buddy with Pitbull.

Coppins wrote that Rubio staff “have talked up his fluency in discussing hip-hop — he famously prefers Tupac over Biggie, and is on a first-name basis with Pitbull — as a key signifier of his generational appeal.”

Rubio himself, according to the UK Telegraph, has been wooing Pitbull for support. “Pitbull has become a friend,” Rubio said just before his April presidential campaign launch.

Rubio’s biggest competition for the Republican establishment nod in the GOP primary in 2016, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, has also pushed for support from Pitbull. The UK Telegraph’s Nick Allen wrote:

Two leading Republican presidential hopefuls have become involved in an unlikely battle for the support of a rapper who they believe could be crucial to winning the key state of Florida. Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, and Marco Rubio, the US senator from Florida, are both determined not suffer the body blow of losing their home state in a presidential primary on March 15 next year. Advisers to both men have identified Pitbull, the Cuban-American rapper known for party-friendly hits like Timber and Give Me Everything, as a potentially vital player due to his influence over the state’s large Hispanic community. The 34-year-old musician, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, is the son of a street hustler and burlesque dancer, and has admitted dealing drugs in his teens before discovering music. He now wears sharp suits and ties and has a business empire worth $50 million, which includes restaurants, property, perfumes and being sponsored by Playboy. He is also known as ‘Mr 305’ – the Miami post code.

Pitbull becomes just the latest in a long line of celebrities, special interests, businesses, and career politicians to attack Trump over immigration–even though what Trump said about illegal aliens committing crimes was accurate. All the attacks on Trump have failed, as he has instead shot to the top of the polls in the Republican primary and is now the clear GOP frontrunner in 2016, surpassing Bush, while Rubio drops off significantly in recent polls.


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