Rep. Tim Huelskamp Demands End to Planned Parenthood’s ‘Black Market Fetal Trafficking Scheme’

Tim Huelskamp

Rep. Tim Huelskamp is pushing for an end to Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of aborted baby body parts for sale, as was revealed by the organization’s chief medical director in an undercover video released on Wednesday.

A press statement from Huelskamp’s office said, “Planned Parenthood is engaging in the unlawful, barbaric practice of fetal tissue trafficking,” and that the congressman was announcing “impending congressional investigations that seek to bring an end to these horrifying abuses by the nation’s largest, most profitable abortion business.”

Huelskamp, who has sponsored both the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act and the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, said in his statement:

Earlier this year members of Congress stood on this House floor and condemned the evils of trafficking humans. Now we must urgently act again. Abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, has exposed itself as a perpetuator of another shocking form of trafficking — the illegal selling and buying of baby body parts and intact organs. Planned Parenthood should not be allowed to profit off the death of its abortion victims by selling their organs to the highest bidder.

This week, Huelskamp signed onto a letter initiated by Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) and Rep. Ann Wagner requesting congressional investigations into Planned Parenthood’s practices and any “incentives” that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding for research might create for the use of aborted baby body parts for research.

The letter states:

In a recently released video a top Planned Parenthood executive describes huddling with tissue brokers early in the day to determine what organs they would like to “procure” and altering procedures to make sure she is able to obtain the necessary body parts. She explains how she carefully places her graspers such that she can crush the baby’s body without damaging the organs that the broker is seeking. At one point she even describes abortion providers altering the abortion such that she could be describing the illegal partial birth abortion procedure.

Also in the video, the executive discusses payments of $30-$100 for fetal body parts. She further indicates that they want to avoid being perceived as selling tissue, so they want to come up with a rate that “looks like it is a reasonable number for the effort that is allotted on their part.”

These revelations give good reason for Congress to take a serious look at the practices of Planned Parenthood and the companies that buy and sell the body parts and organs of unborn children who are dismembered in Planned Parenthood clinics.


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