Rep. Gohmert: ‘Trump Has Struck a Nerve Across America’

Rep. Gohmert's office

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) shared in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News his experience meeting with family members of victims killed by illegal aliens.

The loved ones of the victims came to Washington, D.C. for a hearing on Kate’s Law and meetings with several legislators concerning the epidemic of illegal immigration into the United States.

Gohmert said that 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump has struck a nerve across America on the issue of illegal immigration, because he isn’t beholden to big business and special interests. Gohmert then cited Congressional efforts to bring financial repercussions on sanctuary cities for their blatant violation of federal law.

“I read about them (families whose loved ones have been killed by illegal aliens) in the news and I had also read they were coming up here to testify and the stories just break your heart. You don’t have to have had a child to understand how tragic these situations were and then the fact that they were completely avoidable makes them even more so.”

Gohmert took a group of about ten of these family members, some who came from as far as California, on a tour of the United States Capitol Tuesday evening. “I had first met them right after they testified before the Senate hearing and so we met and we had a visit outside and invited them inside the Capitol and we met, visited and talked and there were tears.”

Sabine Durden lost her only son Dominic Durden when an illegal alien hit the young 911 operator in a traffic collision. She told Breitbart News how appreciative she was of the Texas Congressman’s time and care for the families.

Gohmert said, “We talked and I heard from them on the different stories and what happened and how avoidable these were and that they could still have their child or family member here with them alive if we enforced our immigration laws.”

When asked if meeting the family members drove his conviction about the problem of illegal immigration, Gohmert said, “This reinforces the need to do something and reinvigorates me to make sure that we get something done so that we don’t have to keep meeting people who lose children, lose family members, lose spouses that are completely avoidable.” He said, “We just need to enforce immigration law.”

“This is something that every one of the family members of victims that I met and talked with, they’re affected every single day of their life. It’s just something that’s never far from their thoughts at all.”

Gohmert noted the need to enforce visa overstays and current immigration laws as well as securing the border. Border security is about 60 percent of the problem, Gohmert noted.

“If we just had an administration that enforced the law as it exists and that includes protecting the border, making sure that people don’t come in illegally,” he said it could take care of itself.

Referencing his experience as a judge, he noted the effect of deterrence by having something like Kate’s Law that is intended to put people in jail for coming back in after they are deported.

“Donald Trump has struck a nerve across America.”

He said Trump’s addressing of the illegal immigration issue has propelled the 2016 GOP Presidential candidate in the polls and that Gohmert has even heard “Democrats say, finally a guy that just calls it like it is.” Gohmert continued, “He’s not moved by the Chamber of Commerce and the big businesses that want really cheap labor. He’s not moved by special interest groups that want amnesty. He’s saying let’s secure the border. You’ve got to do that first to have any chance of dealing with the issue.”

Gohmert called sanctuary cities “such a blatant violation of federal law.” He said funding for these cities has got to stop as long as they continue to violate federal law.

“We’ve been pushing for a stronger bill like the bill that Steve King passed.” He said the bill that passed easily in the House, but may not be “what the Speaker brings to the floor.”

“We have got to be sensitive to the kind of destructiveness that this illegal activity is causing,” Gohmert added.

Sunday, Chuck Todd asserted that there is no evidence to back up illegal alien crime statistics and “we couldn’t find a single study that links violent crime and immigration.” However, Breitbart News’ John Nolte provided a well thought out response calling out Todd for ignoring illegal immigrant crime in favor of all immigrant statistics. Nolte included shocking statistics including over a thousand child rapes.

Gohmert also countered Todd’s comments, “Very recently there was a report that 37% of all the federal convictions in 2014 were people illegally here so in the case of somebody like Chuck Todd clearly he is incredibly ignorant man of the facts not to be aware that there are all kind of statistics that back up how critical this issue is.”

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