Calif. Cops: Nicaraguan Woman Rescued from Imprisonment, Sexual Abuse

Richmond Police Department
Richmond Police Department
Richmond, CA

Police in California say they rescued a woman from Nicaragua who was allegedly tricked into illegally entering the US only to be imprisoned in a closet and sexually abused for a year.

Authorities report that Eulogio Constantino-Sanchez, 35, of Richmond, California, met the woman on Facebook and convinced her to come to the US from her native Nicaragua, luring her with claims that she could find a job and a better life in the US.

But one she arrived, police say that Constantino-Sanchez, perhaps assisted by one of his male relatives, imprisoned her in his home, beat her daily, and constantly sexually molested her for at least a year.

Ultimately, authorities say the woman was able to contact the Department of Homeland Security on a cell phone and called for help.

Police and federal agents were able to confirm the woman’s presence in the home and raided the place, freeing her and arresting Constantino-Sanchez.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that neighbors said Constantino-Sanchez has lived in the home for about five years and works in construction. They described him as friendly and hardworking.

Some neighbors also doubted claims that Constantino-Sanchez was holding the woman against her will, saying that she was often seen out and about on her own.

In fact, neighbor Jenny Rodondo-Corona told the paper that the police must have “got the story wrong” because she had gone shopping several times with the woman who claimed she was being held prisoner by Constantino-Sanchez.

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