Inspector General: Hillary Clinton Received Classified Info on ‘Homebrew’ Email Server

AFP Photo
AFP Photo

An Inspector General review of emails in Hillary Clinton’s inbox found at least four instances where information she received should have been considered secret at the time she received it. The matter has now been referred to the FBI.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Inspector General only looked at a small sample of Hillary’s inbox, just 40 emails. Of those 40, four were found to have information classified “secret.” A spokesperson for the IG told the WSJ the emails “were classified when they were sent and are classified now.”

Though the remainder of Hillary’s email has not been reviewed yet, the suggestion is that there are probably many more “secret” or even “top-secret” emails among the tens of thousands still to be examined. Based on this, the Inspector General concluded Clinton should not have been using a “homebrew” email server and should instead have been using a classified system run by the State Department.

The IG’s findings were referred to the FBI, and a DOJ spokesman acknowledged to the WSJ that the referral “to open a investigation into the potential mishandling of classified information” had been received.

In addition to the problem posed by the investigation itself, the IG’s finding also further undercuts Hillary’s dwindling credibility. Back in March, she gave a press conference about the email server in which she stated in response to a question, “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.” In addition to her personal statement on the matter, her staff claimed at the time, “Classified information was viewed in hard copy by the secretary while in the office.” Today’s referral shows Hillary’s claims were not true.

Hillary’s poll numbers have dropped dramatically since the email story became news in March. One Reuters poll in March found she had lost about a quarter of her Democratic support in a month. American’s estimation of Hillary’s honesty and trustworthiness has been especially hard hit. A CBS poll in March found that 47 percent of respondents did not find her trustworthy. A Fox News poll published earlier this month found 60 percent of respondents believed her natural inclination was “hiding the truth.”


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