Hillary Clinton Arranges Secret $600 Haircut

Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Associated Press
New York, NY

Hillary Clinton did her best to hide from the world the fact that she went to an exclusive New York salon for a $600 haircut last week.

Last Friday, Hillary Clinton blew into New York’s exclusive John Barrett Salon, where the cheapest ‘do is $600. But the visit was a stealth campaign, as team Hillary shut down elevators, arranged secret side entrances, and cleared galleries for her service.

The New York Post reported all the secret arrangements from an inside source who said, “Staff closed off one side of Bergdorf’s so Hillary could come in privately to get her hair done. An elevator bank was shut down so she could ride up alone, and then she was styled in a private area of the salon. Other customers didn’t get a glimpse. Hillary was later seen with a new feathered hairdo.”

The Clintons have a history with expensive hairdos, even though they strain to appear as “regular” Americans.

One might recall that back in 1993, then-President Bill Clinton kicked up a controversy with “Hairgate,” when he drove in a special stylist to Air Force One while the plane idled on the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport. In an ultimate act of privilege, while the people’s plane was wasting thousands of dollars an hour in fuel as it idled, Clinton brought in Belgian stylist Cristophe Schatteman to give the president a special $200 trim.

Flash-forward to her latest campaign, Hillary has been desperate to be seen as “just like us” while she campaigns for the Democratic nomination for president. In fact, less than a year ago, Hillary was telling audiences that she was “just like” other mothers who have had it hard in life.

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