Jindal: Hold Sanctuary City Mayors Accountable for Illegal Aliens’ Crimes

Republican Presidential Hopefuls Meet With Potential Iowa Voters
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Presidential contender Gov. Bobby Jindal is announcing a proposal that would hold sanctuary city mayors and other officials accountable for the crimes of illegal immigrants.

Dubbed the “Partners in Crime Plan,” Jindal’s proposal recommends that Congress “criminalize sanctuary city policies by making city officials that enact those policies as an accessory to the crimes committed by the illegal aliens those policies enabled.”

Additionally, the plan proposes that Congress “give standing to victims and their families to civilly sue local, state, and federal officials for failing to enforce the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA)” or failing to criminally charge public officials in sanctuary cities as accessories to the crimes.

The INA makes it a federal felony to harbor, aid or abet an illegal alien, but does not make officials who enable these individuals to stay in the United States liable for crimes the illegal aliens may commit.

“Many have argued that Congress should attempt to defund these cities. Defunding is a good idea, but the Left will simply argue that withholding federal funds will hurt the most disadvantaged citizens,” Jindal reasons.

“My plan will hit these lawless city leaders where it hurts by holding them directly accountable for crimes,” he added. “If on their watch, an illegal immigrant breaks the law, we will count sanctuary city leaders as accessories and force them to pay for these crimes. Sanctuary City leaders are flouting the laws of the United States and that is unacceptable.”


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