Molly Ball: Hillary Attempting ‘Charade of Transparency’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” The Atlantic’s Molly Ball discussed the Clinton campaign’s Friday documents release which  included some tax returns and health records and said Clinton is trying to create a “charade of transparency.”

Ball said, “Well, I think this perception of her not being transparent which I think is not just a media narrative, it is a fact the Clintons especially Hillary are very guarded, very secret people. This is erupted into multiple controversies, including the e-mail scandal and so they realize that is hurting them and trying to present a sort of charade or transparency by releasing some of this stuff and trying to seem up front about it, trying to seem as if she is actually being more forthcoming. But some of the information I think would have to come out eventually. So her taxes, for example, as you mentioned before, showing she paid about a 35 percent tax rate on a whole lot of income, $28 million in the last year so this is a perception that I think she is finally starting to try to attack.”

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