Bush Wins Mainstream Media Attention, Trump Dominates across all Media Platforms out of GOP Field

Cleveland, OH

CLEVELAND, Ohio: A top media intelligence company, iQ Media, reviewed which presidential candidate is winning in terms of media mentions across television — ABC,  CBS, and NBC.

The data iQ Media reviewed dates from January 1st through July 31st.

According to iQ Media, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is leading the Republican nominees, even beating GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

However, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is on top of all presidential contenders.

This differs in terms of media mentions across all platforms – including social media – from a recent study, which revealed Trump trumped fellow GOP candidates and had as many media mentions across social media and news outlets in one month as Hillary Clinton did in four months.

iQ Media – evaluating strictly TV mentions – broke down the mentions as follows:


  1. Hillary Clinton
  2. Jeb Bush
  3. Donald Trump
  4. Rand Paul
  5. Chris Christie
  6. Ted Cruz
  7. Scott Walker
  8. Marco Rubio
  9. Lindsey Graham
  10. Mike Huckabee
  11. Bobby Jindal
  12. Rick Perry
  13. Ben Carson
  14. Carly Fiorina
  15. Rick Santorum
  16. John Kasich
  17. George Pataki
  18. Jim Gilmore