Dr. Drew Radio: The Donald Beat Megyn Kelly, Rest of the Field in Debate

Donald Trump
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Washington, DC

Television and nationally syndicated talk radio host Dr. Drew Pinsky spoke with Breitbart News after the first GOP presidential primary debate, and most of his California callers who joined the show overwhelmingly supported GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

“I watched the postmortem that Megyn Kelly did on the debate – and if you did the postmortem, you would think Trump was a major loser in the event…and then today… if you talked to the say the Los Angeles listeners to KABC radio, they thought he was a huge winner – huge winner,” Dr. Drew said of his audience in the beginning of the segment, which appears to have continued the tone for more supportive comments from his listeners during Dr. Drew Midday Live on KABC 790 AM and kabc.com.

Martha, a listener who called into the show, took up for Trump in regards to the question Fox News host Megyn Kelly asked regarding names he called women on social media – focusing on Trump’s rant against Rosie O’Donnell.

“I agree with him on that fact. She deserves to be ranted at – she was on The View a few years ago – she practically accused Donald Trump of being a rapist and a molester in regards to some beauty contest that he was involved in…and she just went off on the television…like a crazy person obsessed with ranting about Donald Trump and that he took advantage of these young women,” she argued to justify Trump’s name calling.

Rob, another caller, agreed with Martha in defending Trump, attacking the lobbyists in Washington D.C. and drawing attention to the fact that Trump isn’t involved with any lobbyists, unlike most politicians.

“They’re all owned by corporations, that’s why nothing gets done,” Rob said of the relationship between lobbyists and politicians. “The only two that probably aren’t involved in that is Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump.”

One caller, Tony, disagreed with the overwhelming support of Trump, down playing his longevity in the presidential race. “I think Donald Trump is like this burning flame and eventually it burns out,” he said.

However, one caller who joined the show later in the segment was a legal immigrant from India. He said he thought the questioning to Trump during the debate was unfair and went on to defend Trump on his illegal immigration statements made during his presidential announcement that later cost Trump to lose business with Macy’s, Nascar, and Univision – among a number of other organizations.

Like many news outlets – including Breitbart News’ radio on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 Saturday and Sunday – Dr. Drew’s phone lines lit up with callers on the topic of Donald Trump.


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