Exclusive Wayne Allyn Root: Trump is ‘Relentless’

Donald Trump
AP Photo/LM Otero

The mainstream media doesn’t get it. Intellectuals don’t get it. Campaign consultants don’t get it. John McCain doesn’t get it. Maybe even Fox News anchors don’t get it. How the heck is Donald Trump still in the GOP presidential race, let alone winning? How can he offend so many people, yet still sit at the top of the polls? The opinion makers and TV experts just don’t understand his appeal.

Well I get it. I’m the author of a new book called, The Power of RELENTLESS. 

The media and everyone that does business with me calls me “Mr. Relentless.” Well I’ve finally found someone more relentless than me- Donald Trump. He breaks the mold. If Hollywood central casting created a “prototype” for relentless, it would be “The Donald.”

My book is about winning at anything. Make no mistake about it- it’s a war out there. No matter your goals or industry you’re in- it’s a dog eat dog competition. The broken and battered bodies lie all over the battlefield. Trust me, the weak shall never inherit the earth. My book is about the fact you’ve got to be tough and never give in, or give up. You’ve got to wear blinders and attack relentlessly. You’ve got to be on offense 24/7.

You can never let an obstacle slow you down. You just put your head down and attack like a bull in a china shop. You go over it, or under it, or around it, or you run right through the brick wall.

That relentless mindset is more important to success than any other factor. Relentless is more important than your IQ, your looks, your expertise, or your college degree. They don’t teach it in college. But all the great leaders have it. What’s the difference between a relentless billionaire and a pitbull? The pitbull eventually lets go!

This “Power of RELENTLESS” philosophy describes Donald Trump to a T. He’s not just a bull in a china shop. He’s a human energizer bunny- you can hit him, knock him down, blindside him, break his knees with a lead pipe. But he just keeps getting up. He’s Freddie Kruger in “Nightmare on Elm Street.” He’s Slyvester Stallone in Rocky. He’s a real-life wack-a-mole.

Donald has survived 4 business bankruptcies and come back stronger than ever. He’s now worth somewhere between $4.5 billion (according to Forbes) and $10 billion (according to his FEC filing). Instead of asking during the debates about his record of bankruptcies, I think the better question would have been, “Mr. Trump, can you explain to the audience how you keep making miraculous comebacks? How you turn failures into an even bigger net worth? All of America is fascinated. In this terrible Obama economy, we all need to know your secret!”

The experts said he’d never survive his comments about Hispanics or Mexico. He took the lead.

They said he’d never survive his comments about John McCain. He expanded his lead.

Republican leaders said Trump didn’t belong on the debate stage. Yet because of Trump 24 million Americans tuned in. The “Trump Debate” was the most watched non-sports event in cable television history.


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