Ex-Playboy Playmate Claims NYPD Denying Her Gun License Over Personal Animus

Stephanie Adams

Ex-Playboy playmate Stephanie Adams claims she is being denied a gun license from the New York Police Department because of their personal animus toward her.

Adams was Playboy’s Miss November 1992.

According to Daily Mail, the NYPD cited “domestic complaints made by her involving her husband and a room-mate” to suggest her day-to-day life is volatile. The NYPD “Licence Department also used a sexy picture posted on the internet of Adams wearing a skimpy mock police uniform and holding a gun as a reason to deny her.”

But Adams believes they are actually refusing the license because she won an “excessive force” suit against the NYPD in 2012. The settlement for that suit was $1.2 million.

In the suit Adams alleged that police pushed her to the ground, injuring her back and neck. Officers initially responded to her allegations by claiming “they performed a ‘controlled drop’ because they didn’t know if she was concealing a firearm.” They later “admitted that her clothes were so tight-fitting that there would have been nowhere to conceal it.”

Adams says she is “shocked”that the NYPD is using the photo of her holding a gun in a sexy outfit as a reason to deny her license. She claims they tried to use the same photo against her during the “excessive force” suit in 2012.

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