Alleged Armed Robber Approaches Two Men, Demands Wallets, Gets Killed


On August 23, Marcus Henley and Maurice Harris were standing in front of Harris’s house when an armed man allegedly got out of a white SUV, walked up, and demanded wallets and other belongings. Henley shot the alleged robber, killing him on the spot.

The incident occurred around 11 p.m. in Nashville, Tennessee, following a Tennessee Titans football game.

According to News Channel 5, Henley and Harris were out front talking “when a white Jeep Cherokee pulled up” and 22-year-old Clarence Goins got out and “demanded their belongings.”

Goins was allegedly armed and held a gun on Henley and Harris, while his partners, who were also reportedly armed, collected a wallet from them. Goins is alleged to have then taken the keys to Harris’s Chrysler 300 and was getting into the car when he looked over and saw Henley drawing his own gun. Goins allegedly opened fire and Henley shot back, killing him.

The other suspects jumped into the SUV and fled the scene.

Nashville Metro Police said Henley and Harris both waited at the scene and cooperated with officers when they arrived.

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