Narrative Buster: Against Hillary, Trump Polls Better Than Bush with Non-Whites

Donald Trump
The Associated Press

One of the top talking points the media and the Republican Establishment are using to scare GOP primary voters away from Trump is the idea that his blunt talk on immigration will so alienate minority voters he won’t have a chance to win the presidency. CNN’s latest poll, however, shows that the billionaire businessman actually does better than Establishment-favorite Jeb Bush with non-white voters.

In a head-to-head match-up with Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush wins only 23% of the non-white vote. Hillary win 72%. That’s a difference of -49 points.

Trump loses the non-white vote by -47 points, 71% to 24%.

The +2 point difference in Trump’s favor is within the poll’s margin of error but blows away the idea that Jeb’s pandering to the Left and media on the issue of border security is the key to Republicans taking back the White House.

When you look at all registered voters, the folly of Jeb’s pandering becomes even more clear. Jeb loses to Hillary by -9 points, 52% to 43%. Trump is only -6 points behind Hillary, 51% to 45%.

According to the Washington Post, against Hillary, Trump is also surging in support among non-white voters:

If Trump’s comments were hurting him and/or Republicans with voters, we’d expect to see them faring worse after the June/July period in which the comments became public — and Trump rose in the polls.

The opposite happened. Trump’s position among non-white voters improved, substantially, when you look at how he fared in a head-to-head match-up with Hillary Clinton. In a CNN/ORC poll conducted in late June, Clinton led Trump by 67 points among non-white voters. By the end of July, she led by 56 points. By mid-August, 49.

White, black or otherwise, people are people and voters are voters.

Currently, we have chaos in the Middle East, chaos along our southern border, and chaos in our inner-cities. We have suffered through 7 years of economic malaise as the deficit has topped $18 trillion. This next presidential election is going to be a Change Election…

And like him or not, Trump is a consequential vote for Change.



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