Double Down: Jeb Bush Faithful to ‘Act of Love’

Jeb Bush Holds Student Town Hall At Miami School
Washington, DC

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has doubled down on his 2014 statement that migrants cross the border as an “act of love,” amid painful mocking from GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

Fox New’s Martha MacCallum asked Bush on Tuesday whether he stands by his 2014 comment that migrants cross the border as an “act of love” for their families. Bush squirmed and shifted in his answer, but would not reject his unpopular claim.

Do “you stand by the fact that you believe that many immigrants come here out of an ‘act of love?’” MacCallum asked.

“Of course they do,” Bush answered, and then tried to change the subject. “But that doesn’t matter. What we need to do is secure the border.” He added, “What I stand by is the fact that we need to secure our border.”

Bush complained that Trump’s ad mischaracterized his “act of love” statement. Then he attempted to shift the topic again by jabbing at Trump. “It’s almost as though Donald Trump is acting like a Washington politician.” Bush then said his ad against Trump uses Trump’s own words to characterize him as a Democrat.

Bush touted his experience conversing with border officials, highlighting that he was governor of a border state, and added that he has a plan to secure the border.