CWA Head Wants IRS Investigation of Agent Charged With Sexual Battery

(Photo: Williamson County Sheriff's Office)
Williamson County Sheriff's Office

The head of Concerned Women for America is calling for an official IRS investigation into the conduct of an IRS agent charged with sexual battery, but the agency appears to be doing little, if anything, to look into the matter.

“As the head of the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization I am once again shocked by the conduct of an IRS employee,” Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America tells Breitbart News.

“It is becoming clear that the IRS has tolerated a culture in which U.S. citizens are demeaned and violated by the state,” Nance adds. “How many other women has this evil man violated?” she asks.

Though Garza has been arrested and remains incarcerated in the Williamson County Jail, he is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

“The IRS must launch a full investigation into this incident but also begin to clean up the culture of the agency. The NTEU and other federal employee unions must also be dealt with. American taxpayers and good federal employees are damaged by the union’s protection of terrible employees,” Nance concludes.

Despite numerous requests for comments from Breitbart News, neither the IRS nor the Treasury Inspector General for Tax and Administration [TIGTA] have confirmed that the IRS has initiated an investigation into the allegations against Garza.

The IRS has also not confirmed that Garza is an employee of the IRS, though in its initial media release announcing Garza’s arrest the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office stated “Garza is employed by the United States Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service,” and “[t]he Criminal Investigation Division and the Office of Inspector General for the Internal Revenue Service are working with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office on this investigation.”

The National Treasury Employees Union [NTEU] tells Breitbart News that Samuel Garza is not a member of the union.

In an emailed statement, the NTEU tells Breitbart News:

Mr. Garza is not a member of NTEU and NTEU is not representing him. NTEU does not comment on personnel matters. NTEU does not provide representation in criminal matters.

“Approximately 60 percent of IRS frontline employees are NTEU members. Membership in the union is voluntary and NTEU does not represent managers,” a spokesperson for the NTEU tells Breitbart News.

The manager of the Carrington Ridge Apartments, located at 549 E. Main St. in Hendersonville, Tennessee, the address listed as Garza’s residence in the arrest warrant, tells Breitbart News: “I have not spoken with anybody of any authority about anyone who lives here.”

Breitbart News has asked the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office to detail what its statement that “the Department of Criminal Investigation and the Office of Inspector General of the Internal Revenue Service are working with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office on this investigation,” (emphasis added) actually means.

A spokesperson for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office tells Breitbart News that Garza has no prior arrests in Williamson County and that he was born in El Paso, Texas.

Garza is currently expected to appear next in Williamson County Court on September 17.


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