Man Allegedly Assaults Officers And Pulls Gun, But Forgot To Load It

Frank May/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images
Frank May/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

On September 14 two police officers were allegedly assaulted by 40-year-old Keno Demontra Phillips, who afterward stuck a gun against the stomach of one of the officers and pulled the trigger, but the pistol did not fire because it was not loaded.

The incident occurred on Wayne Avenue in Cincinnati around 11:40 pm,

According to, officers attempted to pull Phillips over because his car “had no visible plates.” But instead of pulling to the side of the road Phillips pulled up to a home and fled on foot. He was tackled and then “began assaulting the two officers who were trying to arrest him.”

A third officer arrived on scene and after assaulting all of them Phillips drew a gun, put it against the stomach of one of the officers and pulled the trigger–but the gun was not loaded. Phillips tried to rack the slide to get a round in the chamber but one of the officers disarmed him before he could finish the task.

Phillips was arrested. A search of his vehicle netted “a Crown Royal bag…with six individually packaged bundles of heroin inside.” He was charged with “three counts of felonious assault, obstructing official business, resisting arrest, drug possession and trafficking, carrying concealed weapons and having weapons while under disability.

Phillips’ alleged attempt on the officer’s life comes one day after Kentucky State Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder was allegedly shot and killed by Joseph Thompson Johnson-Shanks.

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