Grieving Mom’s Heartache Turns to Fury as Obama Honors Immigrant, Ignores Dead Americans

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

A mother whose son was murdered by a criminal illegal alien slammed President Obama on Thursday for, what she described as, the “complete disregard we get as parents of children killed by illegals, who have reached out to our President.”

Mary Ann Mendoza is the mother of Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, who was killed by an intoxicated illegal alien who was driving the wrong way down an Arizona freeway. At the time of the accident, her son’s murderer had a blood alcohol level that was three times the legal limit. Mendoza says the illegal alien had been driving the wrong way for over 35 miles on four different freeways. Although the illegal alien had been convicted of previous crimes, he had not been deported.

Mendoza told Breitbart News that while Obama is eager to invite to the White House everyone from illegal alien college students to Ahmed Mohamed, the teen whose homemade clock was recently mistaken for a bomb—he refuses to so much as acknowledge the existence of the families that have been torn apart by illegal alien crime.

“My son was KILLED by an illegal alien,” Mendoza writes, “a senseless loss of an incredible son, officer of the law, friend to his community. Is that not worthy of some sort of acknowledgement from the President… even when I have written [to him] asking [for an acknowledgement]?” she asks. Mendoza has written to Obama but has received no response.

“As each day passes while he ignores our pleas,” Mendoza said, “I am feeling more and more that none of us or our children matter.”

“But Ahmed Mohamed gets a PERSONAL message from the President?” Mendoza asks.

In a recent tweet from his presidential Twitter account, Obama wrote, “Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.”

“My biggest complaint about the White House visitors is that they are hardly ever United States citizens who have written to our President, asked for acknowledgment, and have been repeatedly ignored,” Mendoza told Breitbart.

Mohammed’s father immigrated to the United States from Sudan and twice ran as a presidential candidate in Sudan.

Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg—whose lobbying firm pushes for mass amnesty and expanding immigration levels—has likewise “roll[ed] out [the] welcome mat to Ahmed Mohamed.”

“Ahmed, if you ever want to come by Facebook, I’d love to meet you,” Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page.

Neither Zuckerberg nor Obama have extended such a welcome invitation to Mendoza and other families devastated by illegal alien crime.

Mendoza explains that while such a gesture would be appreciated, she doubts that she should “hold [her] breath” for an invitation to Obama’s White House or Zuckerberg’s palatial grounds at Menlo Park.

As Mendoza writes, “I think it’s about time OUR President invites us to the White House, to acknowledge our pain the policies of this country have brought to our lives, to look into our eyes and realize more grief stricken families will be joining us if the President doesn’t rethink the immigration problem we have.”

Instead, she writes, “all he has done is ignored us. Over and over!”

“It’s the total lack of empathy, concern or even simply a personal message from the President to us, that has so many of us wondering, WHY?”

There have been plenty of opportunities for the invitation, Mendoza told Breitbart News. “When I was in Washington D.C. in July for the Kate’s Law hearing and the Sanctuary City hearing, NONE of us parents were invited to the White House for the President to at least acknowledge we exist.”

“Do you want to know who was invited to the White House while we were there?” Mendoza asks, “Illegal [c]ollege bound kids to talk to the First Lady about the obstacles they overcame to get to college. The next day, the First Lady hosted illegal teachers in the White House as we were attending a Sanctuary City Hearing, right down the street from the White House.”

“[It’s] funny,” Mendoza observed, “how everything [Obama promotes on social media] from immigrants, legal or not, [is them] telling him how wonderful life is in the U.S. I guess the negativity we [American victims of illegal alien crime] bring to light is not welcome.”

Mendoza had equally strong words for Republican politicians who have encouraged Obama’s mass amnesty agenda such as Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

Mendoza was disturbed by Rubio’s penchant for delivering conflicting messages about his views on amnesty depending on whether he is campaigning in English or in Spanish.

“Those are the kind of candidates I can’t stand because they say different things depending on which audience they’re addressing,” Mendoza said referring to Rubio, “You either stand for something or you don’t.”

Mendoza was unequivocal about Rubio, “That is not the kind of politician we need for President. Those are the kinds of politicians in Washington we need to get rid of.”

In last night’s Republican debate, Marco Rubio said—in regards to his amnesty plan, “if you’re a criminal, obviously, you will not be able to stay.” However, Rubio’s signature piece of legislation—his 2013 immigration expansion bill—would legalized illegal aliens with extensive criminal records. This means that an illegal alien with a prior criminal background—like the man who killed Mendoza’s son—could be allowed to stay.

As the president of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement union Chris Crane wrote at the time: “Senator Rubio left unchanged legislation that he himself admitted to us in private was detrimentally flawed and must be changed… As a result, the 1,200 page substitute bill before the Senate will provide instant legalization and a path to citizenship to gang members and other dangerous criminal aliens.”

Mendoza said that she was glad that Donald Trump is in the race and has brought attention to the bipartisan attempt to silence and ignore her family’s pain.

“I want a straight forward candidate who tells it like it is and is willing to do what it will take to change this quandary. What’s happening to American citizens is not right. All of us are collectively tired of being ignored.”


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