Mindy Kaling Jokes She’d Rather Have Sex with Bill Cosby Than Donald Trump Because ‘You Could Sleep Through It’

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TV actress Mindy Kaling threw shade at Republican frontrunner Donald Trump Wednesday during a game of “Would You Rather” in New York, by making light of rape allegations against Bill Cosby.

While promoting her new book, titled Why Not Me, Kaling was asked by Tina Fey at an “In Conversation” event who she would rather sleep with, Trump or Cosby.

“With Bill Cosby you could sleep through it,” Kaling responded.

The Mindy Kaling Project star, who announced she disagrees with almost everything Trump says, was asked her opinion of the New York billionaire.

“His terms and phrases are amazing,” said Kaling. “I love that he’s like, ‘You’re a loser!'”

But would she “make out with Trump?” Fey wanted to know.

“Yeah, like for a couple hours? Sure!” the actress confessed.

In another game of “Marry, F*ck. Kill,” Kaling said she would marry Stephen Colbert, have sex with B.J. Novak, and Michael Fassbender would get assassinated.