UCC Shooting Witness Describes Escape: ‘That’s A Gunshot, We Have to Go’


Breitbart News got a firsthand account of UCC shooting from 17-year-old Sarah Cobb on Friday, who had only been an Umpqua Community College student for four days.

Cobb says she was in a room on the other side of the wall from where the shooting happened. She heard a loud noise that she originally thought was a textbook falling. After a teacher called to the other room to see if everything was okay, Cobb and the other students began to hear the screaming.

After she saw a couple of students sprint from the scene, Cobb said it was time to go and then heard the second and third short as she left.

After being brought to the Roseburg Fairgrounds with the otgher UCC students, Cobb spent time at the grief center helping to organize names and other information.


Lee Stranahan is on the ground in Roseburg covering the UCC shooting: Follow him on Twitter for updates.


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