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WATCH: Roseburg Pastor Responds to UCC Shooting Truthers

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Roseburg pastor Randy Scroggins answers those who have made the bizarre claim that the shooting that left nine victims dead and nine injured is a fake.

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WATCH: UCC Students Have More Sense on Guns and Security than Democrats

This might restore a little of your hope for America’s future: In an exclusive conversation with Breitbart News, three students from Umpqua Community College show more common sense about guns and safety on college campuses than mainstream Democratic politicians.

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WATCH: Protester Explains Why He Brought His Gun to The Roseburg Moment

On Friday, anyone paying attention to the news got to see at least a hint of The Roseburg Moment. It doesn’t fit either the mainstream media nor Democrat establishment’s political narrative, so it didn’t get the full court press media coverage of an Occupy Wall Street or Black Lives Matter protest, but anyone concerned about the future of freedom in America should take note.

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Esquire Says Bobby Jindal Should Be “Punched In The Dick” Over Roseburg Comments

Esquirehas been around since 1933, which means it took almost exactly 93 years for it to reach the absolute bottom of the barrel. A new “article” in the men’s magazine—check it out and you’ll see why it barely counts as an article—attacks Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal with a piece saying he should be jabbed in the manhood for suggesting male parents matter.


VIDEO: Roseburg Not Backing Down: Obama Visit Still Not Welcome

David Jaques, publisher of conservative newspaper The Roseburg Beacon, is not backing down one bit from comments that President Obama’s planned visit to Roseburg, Oregon, in the wake of the UCC shooting is not welcome by most in the town.

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Oregon Community College Evacuated Due to Bomb Threat

Another southern Oregon community college was the scene of drama on Monday morning as Rogue River Community College evacuated all of its campuses after reports of armed people and a bomb threat at the Grants Pass location. Rouge River is about an hour south of Roseburg, home of last week’s deadly school shooting.

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WATCH: Roseburg Veteran Rejects Demand for Pro-Gun Sheriff to Resign

The anti-gun Brady Campaign called for Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin to resign over his unwavering support of the gun rights, even in the wake of last week’s Umpqua Community College shooting. Attacks from the liberal media against Hanlin began almost immediately.


Coffee Chain Gave Free Coffee to Uplift Roseburg Residents

“No charge. This one’s on us.” That’s what residents of Roseburg, Oregon were told when they pulled up to the window to pay for their order at Dutch Bros., the Oregon-based coffee chain. The goal was simple: a little surprise to lift the spirits of Roseburg after Thursday’s horrific shooting that left nine people dead at Umpqua Community College.