Dem Senator: Congress ‘Quietly Endorsing Mass Murders’ By Not Passing Gun Control

Monday on MSNBC, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT)  declared Congress was “quietly endorsing these mass murders” by not passing stronger gun control laws.

Murphy said,  “I think Secretary Clinton today outlined additional executive actions the Obama administration can take a look at bringing dealers across the country outside of the requirement to do background checks into that requirement… It would be an acknowledgment of people at the gun shows on a weekly or a weekend basis and are acting much more like full-time than part time gun dealers. And people selling on the internet doing enough volume to be doing background checks. As well. there’s room with respect to executive action and I think the president said that during his statement last week that he’s going to be looking at addition additional ways to work without Congress and hitting a ceiling some point and if we want meaningful change, we have to do something.”

He continued, “I think Congress is effectively quietly endorsing these mass murders because people who are having their minds unhinged, note that there is no one here in the elected legislative branch of Congress who is getting together to do something about it in a practical way. So I think without Congress acting here we see more and more of the mass slaughters, and that is an abomination.”

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