Oregon Shooting Victim’s Blood Spattered on Girl and Saved Her Life

The Associated Press
UMPQUA, Oregon — New Beginning Church of God Pastor Randy Scroggins gave a heartfelt and harrowing account of his daughter Lacey’s experience inside the Umpwua Community College classroom where a gunman killed nine people on Thursday morning.
Breitbart News was there as Pastor Randy revealed new details about the murderer’s targeting of Christians and sick game playing with his victims. Among the details. :
  • Killer ask people to state their religion: shot Christian, spared non-Christian.
  • Killer had one victim beg for their life. They did, and then the cowardly murderer shot them anyway while they were begging.
  • The murderer brought a student forward, gave them a package with a thumb drive and then said, “You’re the lucky one. You’re not going to die today.”.
  • Veteran Chris Mintz came to door, asked “What’s going on?”, tried to stop shooter, said “Please don’t shoot me, it’s my son’s birthday” and was shot six more time
  • Daughter was laying on floor next to Treven Anspach when he was shot. Lacey played dead when killed told her to get up.
  • Pastor Rady said blood of shot student Anspach splashed onto daughter saved her life as she played dead on the floor.
  • Woman said to killer “I’m sorry fro what you’ve been though. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt.” Killer said “I bet you are, but it’s not good enough” and then shot the woman.
  • After police came killer said “I’ve had enough. You got me. And lay down on the floor.
  • Lacey Scroggins helped other victims with medical care.
The media, including a large contingent from CNN, packed the church. Pastor Scroggins gave the media praise for their coverage of the UCC shooting and asked the congregation to applaud them.


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