VIDEO: Roseburg Not Backing Down: Obama Visit Still Not Welcome


David Jaques, publisher of conservative newspaper The Roseburg Beacon, is not backing down one bit from comments that President Obama’s planned visit to Roseburg, Oregon, in the wake of the UCC shooting is not welcome by most in the town.

The controversy comes because President Obama took to the airwaves almost immediately after the shooting and specifically said that he would politicize the tragedy to promote a gun control agenda.

Jacques previously made his comments in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News and then on the Fox News show The O’Reilly Factor, where he urged Obama not to “stand on the corpses of our loved ones.”

Now, in a second interview with Breitbart News, Jaques said the reaction from the Roseburg community “has been overwhelmingly in support of our position.” He admitted that a couple of public officials had said that they welcome President Obama, and their “switchboard melted down with all the negative feedback they were getting for their support.”

“We’ve had nothing but positive response,” said Jaques. “A lot of people have contacted us and said, ‘Thanks for saying what was on our mind.'”

When asked what he thought of the White House’s claim that the visit was not political, Jaques said:

The timing, as we’ve said from the beginning, is really suspect. I think it’ll be up to the families to make that determination about whether he was sincere to reach out to them, but remember, this is the same man who told you that you could keep your physician.

The President is expected in Roseburg at 11 a.m. Pacific time, after flying up to Oregon from fundraising events in California. Protests are scheduled at the same time at several locations, according to a Defend Roseburg Facebook page.

Here is the Breitbart News exclusive interview with Jaques:


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