WATCH: Protester Explains Why He Brought His Gun to The Roseburg Moment

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On Friday, anyone paying attention to the news got to see at least a hint of The Roseburg Moment. It doesn’t fit either the mainstream media nor Democrat establishment’s political narrative, so it didn’t get the full court press media coverage of an Occupy Wall Street or Black Lives Matter protest, but anyone concerned about the future of freedom in America should take note.

The Roseburg Moment saw a community that had been devastated in the UCC Shooting by what the MSM now calls “gun violence,” and instead of kowtowing to President Obama’s call for gun control, the people rose up and made their voices heard in a well attended public rally.

The silent majority spoke up for gun rights and against Obama’s cynical politicization of the Umpqua Community College tragedy.

The contrast between the Roseburg rally and the now-routine protests of Obama’s shock troops like unions and Black Lives Matter could not be more stark.

One of the hallmarks of the left’s community-organized protests is that bused-in, astroturf protesters often have no idea what they are actually protesting.

There’s a simple way to expose this. It’s what Andrew Breitbart referred to in speeches as his “ bar trick”: simply asking the protesters to explain the signs they hold and pins and T-shirts they wear. As Andrew described this trick at CPAC in 2011:

Acorn was protesting in front of Fox affiliate at the height of the ACORN scandal.  They had big buttons, “We are ACORN! Ask us why!”

So I walked up and asked why?  They just keep chanting, “We are ACORN, mighty mighty ACORN!” They were just programmed to chant and look good on television.

Now, let’s compare the left’s astroturf with the protests on Friday in Roseburg, Oregon.

Watch Gary, a Roseburg protester, explain in clear terms exactly why he wore a sidearm to the event and explain why he believes more gun freedom is the answer, not gun control.

Gary and the other protesters who were part of The Roseburg Moment prove why it was the opposite of the astroturf activism that’s become commonplace in the Obama era.

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