Chafee Jabs Clinton: ‘I Have Had No Scandals’


Presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee wasted no time in attacking fellow Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton and her email scandal at the party’s first debate of the 2016 election season.

“I have high ethical standards,” Chaffee said, as he hit Hillary with in his opening statement. He has “had no scandals,” he added.

In August, Chafee said, “I’ve never been in any scandals in three decades of public service.”

Clinton is being investigate for using a private email server instead of a government network during her time as Secretary of State.

Breitbart News reported that Clinton exchanged emails containing classified material and that the information was “born” classified. Clinton knew that she was sending classified information and did so using the private server. Cyber security experts have called Clinton’s server, “total amateur hour.” Serious questions have been raised over foreign intelligence officials or hackers gaining access to classified information transferred over Clinton’s private server and potentially compromising national security.

Chafee appears to be capitalizing on a scandal that has forced Clinton’s poll numbers into a decline.

The former Rhode Island Governor and Senator went on to state that he is a “block of granite” and has not changed over time despite changing party preference. “You’re looking at a block of granite when it comes to the issues,” he reiterated.

Chafee further said in his August comments, “I think it’s a big deal. And it’s obviously, I think having an effect on the vice president’s decision whether to run. And we all know as Democrats we have to win in 2016. I mean, that’s what we all want as Democrats. To think that the Republicans could come back against the environment, against women’s issues, belligerent around the world, you just can’t have that.”

He called Clinton “vulnerable” and pointed it out as a “huge issue.”

Chafee made it known in May 2013 that he would switch his party preference from independent to Democrat, Politico reported.

Chafee previously switched from the Republican Party to become an independent.

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