Christie: Dem Debate ‘Laughable,’ Like An Interview For Middle Managers

New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie stated the Democratic debate was “laughable” and looked like an interview for middle managers at a mid-size corporation on Wednesday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

Christie said the debate “was laughable. The press is falling over each other today to declare Hillary Clinton the winner. Well, who couldn’t win with that group that they had up on the stage. … Sean, that looked to me like an interview for a group of people who are trying to be middle managers at some mid-size corporation, not president of the United States.”

He added that he tends to always think Martin O’Malley “is the worst, in everything that he does.”

Christie concluded, “Hillary Clinton is always going to look good standing up with that group of people. … Winning and losing is defined by who the competition is, right Sean? So, she did fine, but let me tell you, it’ll be a whole different story next October, when she gets on the stage with a former federal prosecutor, who is going to hold her accountable for the things that she’s done in her public career.”

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