Krauthammer: History Will ‘Judge Obama Very Severely’ For How He Handled Afghanistan

Columnist and Fox News Contributor Charles Krauthammer argued that President Obama’s “heart was never in the mission” in Afghanistan and “history’s going to judge Obama very severely” on Thursday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

Krauthammer stated it was “utterly obvious” Obama’s “heart was never in the mission.” Krauthammer continued, “he simply wanted to get through on the minimal — with the minimal commitment he could…when you send soldiers into battle, knowing that some are not going to return, there’s something deeply wrong about doing it, if you don’t believe in the mission from the beginning. And that, I think, is — history’s going to judge Obama very severely for having done that. As for now, the ten — I don’t think he’s going to reduce it to 5,000 before he leaves. I think that’s just a story he’s telling. It will be after the election next year, he will then leave the decision to the next president, he wants to hold on, so there will be no helicopters lifting off embassy personnel in Kabul the way that happened in Saigon in ’75.”

Earlier, USA Today columnist and Fox News Contributor Kirsten Powers said Obama “seems to be making these political calculations. And he’s not even, in this case — you do have do say, I’m somebody who wanted to us get out of Afghanistan. But if you look at the situation on the ground right now, could you easily see why you would stay. But it doesn’t seem like this is the plan. It doesn’t seem like it’s enough people, and again, the president’s heart doesn’t really seem in it.”

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