Cat Crucified in Upstate New York Park

Facebook / Steinmetz Park
Facebook / Steinmetz Park

A black and grey striped cat was nailed to a tree, crucifixion-style, in Upstate New York. According to Schenectady Police Lt. Mark McCracken, “The cat in its entirety was nailed to the tree. … The deceased cat was processed by one of our crime scene guys and taken to a local vet who’s arranging for a necropsy.”

Teenagers found the cat around 4 p.m. on Wednesday at Steinmetz Park and reported its demise to the authorities. McCracken said it could not be determined whether the cat had died due to “natural causes or if it was alive when it was hung up on a tree.” Cornell will perform the necropsy.

This is not the first cat crucifixion this year. In April, police arrested 21-year-old William Donovan Saunders, accusing him of tying a cat to a wooden cross and leaving it at Real Life Church in Florida.

In 2013, Malta met the horror of the so-called Cat Crucifier, who had killed cats and frozen them before nailing them to crosses. The Cat Crucifier was responsible for seven cat crucifixions.

The Schenectady cat crucifixion violates several laws regarding animal cruelty. Brad Shear, director of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, said, “Somebody got nails, got a hammer, brought them to a place and decided to do this. This is a person we should all look for and be afraid of.”


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