Cat Crucified in Upstate New York Park

A black and grey striped cat was nailed to a tree, crucifixion-style, in Upstate New York. According to Schenectady Police Lt. Mark McCracken, “The cat in its entirety was nailed to the tree. … The deceased cat was processed by one of our crime scene guys and taken to a local vet who’s arranging for a necropsy.”

Facebook / Steinmetz Park

Saudi Arabia Upholds Death by Crucifixion for Teen

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr faces death by crucifixion in Saudi Arabia after a court dismissed his final appeal. Human rights groups are condemning the punishment, especially since he was only 17 when authorities arrested him in 2012 on charges of participating “in illegal protests and of firearm offenses.”


U.N: ISIS Uses Mentally Challenged Children as Suicide Bombers

The atrocities of ISIS have gone almost beyond the power to shock, but it’s still jarring to see so much depravity collected into a single report. The U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child speaks of the Islamic State selling young children into slavery, pressing mentally handicapped kids into service as suicide bombers, using them as human shields against American air strikes, and conducting mass executions of children by beheading them, crucifying them, and burying them alive.

AP Photo