Exclusive — Watch: Father of Roseburg Shooting Survivor Reveals Grim Details

YouTube / Lee Stranahan

It’s been two weeks since the quiet southern Oregon town of Roseburg was rocked by evil, when a gunman entered a classroom at Umpqua Community College and began killing. Although the media circus swooped into Roseburg and President Obama almost immediately took to the national airwaves to promote his gun control agenda, the killing spree that left nine dead and nine more wounded was deeply personal and traumatic for the people in that classroom.

That lingering trauma has meant with the victims of the UCC shooting buried, classes at UCC back in session and life in Roseburg returning the new normal, there is still much that’s not known about what happened that day. For example, the shooter’s manifesto has not been released, although an anonymous source who’s familiar with it described it to Breitbart News as “pure evil.”

Only a few eyewitness accounts of what happened on October 1 in Roseburg have surfaced. Today, Breitbart News presents the longest, most detailed and emotional account of that day: Pastor Randy Scroggins describes what he and his 18-year-old daughter Lacey experienced when she was in the classroom that morning as the gunman entered.

We’re presenting Scroggins’s entire story so Breitbart readers can hear Lacey’s experience, unfiltered by the media or a political agenda. It’s difficult to listen to at times, but Scroggins lays out the terror that the UCC students experienced that day in unflinching detail.


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