Whoops. White House Describes Joe Biden As A ‘Candidate’ For President

Joe Biden
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Does the White House know something that we don’t?

During the White House press briefing today, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was peppered with questions about Vice President Joe Biden’s upcoming presidential decision – at one point mistakenly describing him as a candidate.

“What I’ll say from my perspective is that the fact that we’re spending a lot of time discussing presidential prospects of a candidate who is essentially saying that he would get in the race to try to advance the president’s agenda that the president himself has been fighting for over the last seven years, frankly that’s a luxury for me, not a burden,” he said.

Earnest admitted that it would be more difficult to spend time discussing candidates who were running for president who disagreed with Obama’s agenda.

When White House reporter Jon Karl pointed out that Earnest described Biden as a “candidate,” he admitted that he made a mistake.

“I guess I meant potential candidate, if I misspoke,” Earnest replied.