Armed American Radio Program Dedicated to Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins

Nationally syndicated radio host Mark Walters hosted an entire program …

Nationally syndicated radio host Mark Walters hosted an entire program on Armed American Radio dedicated to the reporting of award winning Breitbart News journalist AWR Hawkins.

Walters asserted, “Breitbart News is one of my daily ‘go to’ sites for research and show prep for each days current news events. In particular, I refer to AWR Hawkins’ regular work on Second Amendment issues as one of my first stops each day.”

Friday’s show research led Walters to three stories from AWR and the decision to crown last Friday’s program “AWR Hawkins Day.”

[Hawkins’] award winning journalism is exceptional, timely, intriguing and provocative and he presents his written stories to the readers much like I try to bring my voice to my listeners–forcefully, honest and plain spoken. In this ongoing battle being waged for gun rights in the press, my goal is to give voice to this discussion from a pro-rights perspective not seen in the biased mainstream media.

Hawkins joined Walters to discuss the stories during the program. The first topic of conversation centered around Hawkins’ story on 2016 Democrat Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley’s “anti-gun rant.” Walters noted the gun control messages coming from Democrat Presidential candidates. Hawkins added, “O’Malley more than anybody.”

Walters asked Hawkins about O’Malley’s comments that the 2016 candidate is “astonished” that GOP candidates will not “confront the NRA” and push for more gun control. Hawkins stressed that the approximately five million NRA members represent a voting bloc that simply will not vote for a 2016 presidential candidate who is “attacking the gun rights group,” and the GOP presidential hopefuls know it. Hawkins added, “O’Malley is either (A) that out of touch or (B) that desperate for someone to pick him up for a VP ticket, either way he’s embarrassing.”

“They know that this is not a winning issue,” Hawkins said of Democrat presidential candidates, “For that reason I, like you, celebrate when Hillary Clinton pushes confiscation.” Hawkins observed, “It’s the real pro-gun candidate versus the real anti-gun candidate” emerging in the face-off between Republicans versus Democrats in the 2016 Presidential race.

Walters also referenced the story on Christy Stutzman, wife of Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN), who has been advocating for “Mothers Against Gun Free Zones.” In the article Hawkins summarizes, “[Christy Stutzman] points out that gun-free zones are obvious targets for madmen with guns, yet leaders on the Democrat side appear determined to maintain such zones at all costs–even when the costs include the lives of our children.”

The third Hawkins article referenced was one on the suspension of West Virginia prosecutor Chris White. White allegedly pulled a gun inside his firm’s law office. He had previously been part of a team of prosecutors that went after an eighth grade student for wearing an NRA t-shirt to school. White suffers from arachnophobia and pulled the gun in a fit over fake spider decorations  which were put up for Halloween.

Walters hosts Armed American Radio six days a week. The program airs on 150 radio stations around the country.

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