Actor Bryan Cranston Scheduled For Lunch At The White House

Cranston AP
Associated Press

He is the one who knocks.

Actor Bryan Cranston is scheduled to eat lunch at the White House today, according to a report from Playbook’s Mike Allen this morning.

Cranston is in Washington D.C. promoting his new movie “Trumbo,” a sympathetic look at a Hollywood screenwriter who was blacklisted in the 1950s for his communist sympathies.

In a recent interview, Cranston recently compared Dalton Trumbo’s experience to Hillary Clinton’s congressional hearings on Benghazi.

“That was a witch hunt. In fact, a lot of the members of Congress came out and said exactly that: ‘We’re trying to hurt Hillary Clinton’s numbers. We’re trying to subdue her notoriety and try to hurt her reputation,’” he said. “And that’s the same thing that happened in Trumbo’s days. The fear mongers were very good in spreading that fear.”

Cranston is also joining Mike Allen’s Playbook Breakfast in Washington D.C. tomorrow to promote the film.


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