Two Malls Replace Christmas Santa with Glacier, Backlash Ensues

Eyewitness News 3

Long Island’s Roosevelt Field Mall and Charlotte’s SouthPark Mall decided to use glacier decorations for their Santa pictures instead of typical Christmas items in order not to offend anyone.

“The people who answered the phone at the mall actually said, in order not to offend anyone, they were simplifying the Christmas display,” said Roosevelt Field Mall customer Caren Toal.

People posted pictures of the spaceship-like structure on Twitter, condemning and trashing the company’s decision. It turns out more people were disgusted by the display than those offended by Christmas trees and snowflakes.

The mall quickly added the correct Christmas decorations to Santa’s display.

“Key elements are still being added to the Glacier experience at Roosevelt Field over the coming week — and after hearing early customer feedback, one of those elements will be a traditional Christmas tree alongside the Glacier experience,” stated management.

Simon Malls, which owns SouthPark Mall, admitted the glacier theme was a mistake. One man even wrote and performed a new song, mocking the new decorations.

Management quickly took down the background to put up their traditional Christmas decorations.


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