‘ISIS: A Culture of Evil’ Adult Coloring Book Shows ‘Hideous Reality’ of Terrorists

Comic Book Cover, Wayne Bell, Publisher

A St. Louis publisher issued an adult Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) coloring book as a way to fight against the radical Islamic group.

Wayne Bell insists the book ISIS: A Culture of Evil shows the world “the hideous reality” the terrorists live in.


“It’s a valuable piece for a lot of people that really don’t have a clue,” explained Bell.

The book is available at ColoringBook.com. Bell did put a warning on the site that the ISIS book is strictly meant for adults.

“If a lot of parents, teachers and educators want to tell their children, that’s their choice,” continued Bell.

The images show the reader genocide, “people thrown off buildings, kids recruited, and women and children about to be killed.” The book includes Jihadi John and gay people thrown off roofs. It displays the coalition that fights against ISIS in Syria and Iraq “with air-to-surface missiles, a B-2 stealth bomber and questions if boots on the ground are next.”

Some veterans do not think the book is appropriate, even though it is obviously meant for adults.

“That is very appalling that they’ve made a coloring book,” stated Steven Brown, a 15-year Army veteran. “Coloring I associate with joy, happiness and relaxation.”

He continued: “Will it get laid around? Will children pick it up? Will it influence their ideas? I think that is a poison.”


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