When It Comes to Campaign Financing, All the Action’s On the Left

george soros

Charles and David Koch say they have no plans to endorse or fund any of the GOP candidates before the primaries – even as they have finally upped their charm offensive, appearing on FOX and MSNBC shows so voters can see who they are, in contrast to a decade of smears by the “liberal” media and leftover blogosphere.

Meanwhile, their counterpart in the Democratic Party, George Soros, is not holding back.

Besides funding #BlackLivesMatters and other protest groups through as much as $33 million in grants from his Open Society Foundation, Soros is also donating to a variety of political action committees involved in the 2016 campaign. (No one seems to have investigated whether this funding is involved in the current “Mizzou” agitation or that on other campuses.)

Soros came out for Hillary Clinton for President back in 2013.  Having made his fortune betting on currency devaluations and financial crises, Mr. Soros recognizes Hillary – publicly a critic of Wall Street while privately funded by Wall Street – as exactly the kind of President he can prosper under.

A week ago a campaign finance and internet sleuth, bylined “Anonymous” at the online magazine Medium, wrote a piece claiming that Luke Sissyfag Montgomery, the author of the allegedly independent political action committee DeportRacism video’s attacking Donald Trump, were illegally funded by the Clinton campaign. (Virtually no media, other than Breitbart, covered that story.)

“Anonymous” purports to be a complete independent:

I have no hat in the ring at all, and the reason I went digging was because I saw an interesting investigation. I do not have it in for any candidate. I believe that it’s my job, as someone who’s taken it upon themselves to investigate this issue, to bring things to light. I assure you, if it is revealed that Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, or any other candidate has done something fishy, I will certainly investigate that as well. I like to think that my loyalty is to the truth, not to any party.

“Anonymous” is back with another part of his series showing that George Soros makes hefty (multi-million dollar, in chunks varying from $250,000 to $1,000,000) contributions, filtered through a variety of PACS like the House Majority PAC and the American Bridge 21st Century PAC, that go to fund both establishment Democrats AND Republicans who are attempting to defeat both Senator Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and candidates affiliated with the tea party.

Some of this has been, as he notes, brought up by the tea party blogosphere already. But “Anonymous” provides more tabulation and sourcing of how the money flows from Soros through union and other PACS to establishment Republican and Democratic PACS and candidates.  He writes:

let’s look at what we know so far:

  • Soros is funding alleged labor-unions which transfer money to Republicans.
  • Soros is raising money from Democratic circles and this money is legally laundered through D.R.I.V.E. [Democrat, Republican, Independent Voter Education PAC] over to Republicans.
  • Establishment Republicans and Democrats are using money straight from Soros to take down more radical elements of the GOP.
  • Large corporations, either wittingly or not, feed into this as well.

Connecting these to the fact that Soros supports Hillary brings us back to the fact that it’s in Soros’s best interests to see both Hillary and establishment Republicans win the primaries for 2016.

The Koch Brothers have responded with their own Super PAC, but aside from one or two donors appearing as recent converts, I could find no real links from the Kochs to the establishment Republicans cooperating with Soros.

There are a lot of links in the articles included here for you to continue digging with (looking at you, lurking journalists!)

Some of Anonymous’s research is something anyone with enough time could do on the OpenSecrets website (which makes Federal Election Commission reports public), at least if they knew where to look.

But as he chides, no “mainstream” journalists report on this campaign financing. Just as none of them ever ask Mrs. Clinton or other Democrats decrying “dark money” in campaigns why they accept George Soros’s contributions. Anonymous promises to return with some follow up later on the Clinton campaign and more on Luke Sissyfag Montgomery and who’s paying whom.


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