Exclusive: Black Ministers Slam Mizzou ‘Mass Hysteria’ to ‘Destabilize Our Society’


Black ministers tell Breitbart News that the racial strife at University of Missouri and Yale universities is “mass hysteria” led by Black Lives Matter – an organization they say hopes to “destabilize our society.”

“Frankly, I believe that this is mass hysteria generated by the Ferguson incident and the Black Lives Matter cabal,” said Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., president of StandAmerica, which is “non-profit organization that reaches across racial and cultural lines to bring people together around the foundational principles that made America great.

Recently, STAND led a campaign to have a bust of Planned Parenthood founder and eugenicist Margaret Sanger removed from the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

“It is very unlikely that with a black President and black Attorney General enforcing civil rights laws, that suddenly racism on campus is rising,” he said.

The movement to stir up racial tension has other motives, he said.

“We just heard about the effort to remove Carol Swain at Vanderbilt, and she is a black Christian conservative,” he states. “The real attack is on Christians and conservatives. It is a totalitarian movement that tries to silence people with traditional values and respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, especially the First and Second Amendments.”

“This movement poses the real danger to our Republic, not so-called racists,” Jackson adds.

Jackson’s words come as black activists – resentful at the attention given to the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks Friday – expressed their anger Sunday on Twitter.

Pastor Cecil Blye is national vice-president and Kentucky president of STAND. He tells Breitbart News students participating in the racially inspired protests are trying to be “thought police.”

“I believe discrimination that results in violation of civil rights should be addressed and remedied whenever and wherever it is found,” he explains. “However, much of the protests on our college [and] university campuses are dealing with students trying to be thought-police, on high alert for any language or action that can be interpreted as insensitive.”

Blye said administrators of colleges and universities should not allow their schools to become “entrapped” in this narrative.

“To attack someone as racist because they counter the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ with ‘All Lives Matter’ is sophistry,” he asserts. “To require school administrators to create a campus environment where nobody says anything that could offend others creates a slavery to political correctness.”

“Deal with offensive speech with campus debate and forums, not with an ‘off with their heads’ zero tolerance policy towards people that don’t agree with you,” Blye urges. “We don’t need to put everybody’s mind on lock-down in order to get along. If we don’t protect speech, thought and even the right to be offensive, our campus and society will become an Orwellian nightmare.”

As Breitbart News reported Monday, members of Black Lives Matter were not only offensive, but also reportedly violent, toward students at Dartmouth College Thursday.

The Dartmouth Review reported that some 150 “black-clad” Black Lives Matter protesters pushed and shoved students and hurled racial epithets at them as they surged through doors of study spaces, harassing students studying for exams and shouting obscenities at them.

Pastor Dr. Leon Threatt serves as both senior pastor of Christian Faith Assembly of Charlotte, North Carolina and a S.T.A.N.D. leader. He tells Breitbart News the Obama administration and the Black Lives Matter movement have the same agenda.

“It appears that there are forces and instigators working to activate such unrest,” he says. “I served and worked with an outreach organization and visited the Baltimore civil disturbance. I was shocked by the lawlessness of those claiming injustice.”

Threatt continues:

Under the leadership of this President and his administration we have had more people of color serving in arenas of authority – yet we have had more claims of racism and discrimination than any other time in the past 50 years. No, America has not all of a sudden gone back to the 1950’s. I believe the Obama administration, some from the Black Lives Matter movement and other radical liberal groups are attempting to destabilize our society and set aside moral, constitutional, and civil laws that have governed this great nation for nearly 340 years.

There is an earnest attempt by many to reshape America into their likeness and it appears one path they are taking is to redefine morality, right and wrong. It is clear to me that there is an open assault on America’s Judeo-Christian heritage. We are seeing this fight being fought in the courts, legislation and ballet box. This recent student uprising appears to be one of many strategies implemented by the liberal left to reshape America. Some of our universities are being used as battle grounds to redefine America, and our children are used as a mouthpiece and pawn to that liberal agenda.

“America has been a global champion for personal freedom and religious liberty,” Threatt adds. “The efforts of the LGBT, Black Lives Matter movement and the Obama administration are attempting to redefine discrimination. It appears that each of them is claiming discrimination and racism [by] any group that sees morality, freedom and Christian liberties differently than they do.”


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