Sen. David Vitter Petitions to Halt Syrian Refugees from Entering Louisiana

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) joins other Republican members of Congress while they hold a press conference on the Vitter Amendment as the U.S. legislative body remains gridlocked over legislation to continue funding the federal government September 30, 2013 in Washington, DC. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has said the Senate …
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Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) is calling on the White House to stop Syrian refugees from entering his state.

“It’s time for the world to call this what it is — radical Islamic terrorism. Today I’m calling on Obama to stop allowing Syrian refugees into Louisiana,” Vitter, who is running for governor in Louisiana, wrote on Facebook along with a petition for people to sign.

Vitter’s call to stop Syrian refugees from coming to his state follows reports that refugees from the terrorist hot spot of Syria are already arriving in New Orleans despite serious concerns about the Obama administration’s ability to vet them and Friday’s terrorist attack in Paris.

Sunday, Vitter called on New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Michael Harrison to work with him to press Obama to stop accepting Syrian refugees “immediately.”

“As you know, New Orleans is expecting an influx of Syrian refugees, some of whom have already arrived. Based on all the information available to me, I have no confidence that these refugees are being fully and properly vetted to ensure they contain absolutely no terrorists elements,” he wrote.

He further pointed out that New Orleans could also be a target for a terrorist his and called for the deployment of “significant counter-terrorism measures” in their area.

“In these tragic hours, we must stand up against terrorism and take strong actions to protect our families and our communities. This is of utmost importance, which is why I offer my support, resources, and time to work with you to protect our families and community here in New Orleans,” he said.

The current Governor of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has also pressed Obama for more information about the refugees being sent to his state.

“As Governor of Louisiana, I demand information about the Syrian refugees being placed in Louisiana in hopes that the night of horror in Paris is not duplicated here,” he wrote, advising that it would also be “prudent to pause the process of refugees coming to the United States” in light of the Paris attacks.

Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan and Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama are both rejecting the admission Syrian refugees into their states.


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