Roger Stone: New Media Holding Hillary Accountable for Arming ISIS, Putting Americans in Danger

Former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton testifies before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, October 22, 2015. Clinton took the stand Thursday to defend her role in responding to deadly attacks on the US mission in Libya, as Republicans forged …
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Political strategist and author Roger Stone says the rise of new media outlets such Breitbart News and cable television will prevent the mainstream media from giving President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton a pass for enabling ISIS’s rise and putting Americans in danger.

Stone, the author of The Clintons’ War on Women, told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily (6-9AM ET on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125), that “America is in danger” and the ISIS terror threat reveals the “the wide dichotomy between the American media and the American people.”

“Thank goodness for cable television,” Stone said. “Thank goodness for the Breitbarts of this world… We have an alternative media that is vigorous, and it’s growing every day.”

He said that when there were just three television networks in the 1960s, “they said Oswald killed Kennedy and there was no alternative theory that was ever allowed to be examined.”

“So it is with ISIS,” Stone said. “You have the New York Times and the three networks parroting the administration line.”

On Monday, President Barack Obama even asked the media to help get out the administration’s spin on terrorism, which would have been a lot easier in a world in which there were only three networks that served as gatekeepers.

Stone said that “this is not some abstract concept,” but since 9/11 happened a long time ago, “unfortunately people forget” and “their views soften… they begin to believe that we are safe again.”

“And we have an administration in Washington and a proposed successor—because Hillary would merely be the continuation of Barack Obama—who just are not taking the threat seriously,” he declared.

Stone said Obama and Clinton are too concerned—as they were in Benghazi—with the “atmospherics” and “not concerned enough about American lives and security.”

He also hoped that “we’re now going to get into a discussion about who armed ISIS and why ISIS even exists.”

“Hillary Clinton armed ISIS,” Stone said. “She is the one, who in her haste to overturn [Syrian President Bashir al-] Assad, gave no thought to who we were giving weapons to.”

Stone said that though “Clinton is directly responsible for the rise of ISIS,” she is “going to act like somebody else did that.”

He blasted Clinton for knocking off our allies and funding radicals in the Middle East “in the hopes that they would foment democracy of all things… and instead we are ending up facing our own guns… the guns in the regimes that we put in place.”

“It’s the failed architecture of a foreign policy that must be laid directly at the foot of Hillary Clinton,” Stone said.

He said that “only through two things—a vigorous, rising conservative media and… Citizens United” can the mainstream media be challenged.

Stone pointed out that without the Citizens United decision, “only the Clintons would have political money. Only the political dynasties would have political money, and advertising is speech.”

He added that the “really extraordinary” recent terror attacks are “radically changing the political agenda in the United States overnight” and “changing and roiling the presidential race.”

Stone said the recent acts of terrorism will be “a big boost in the Republican side to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz” and “to those candidates who are not afraid to call out radical Islamic extremism as the real enemy of the United States.” And he praised Trump in particular for “putting forward some harsh measures that may be necessary to save this country” and being the “one candidate who isn’t afraid to pin this right where it belongs—on Hillary Clinton.”

He pointed out that because of Citizens United, Trump and his supporters can compete with the media. Stone said Trump can write a $100 million check tomorrow, for instance,  to “counterpoint” those who say he is wrong and out of line. Stone also pointed out that Trump—because of his celebrity—”is able to issues into the mainstream that would never make the mainstream otherwise, that have been roundly ignored.” And that is why Trump may be an effective agent in holding Obama and Hillary accountable on terrorism.

Stone added that, for instance, though there was a “giant uproar” when Trump demanded to see President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, “nobody can deny that he gets a debate… he gets it examined in the public realm.”


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