Carly Fiorina: Fair to Attack Hillary About Believing Sexual Assault Victims

Carly Fiorina
AP Photo/John Raoux

On Monday’s Hannity on the Fox News Channel, Carly Fiorina stated it would be fair for a GOP candidate to use Hillary Clinton’s contention that sexual assault victims must be believed and ask her if she believed the numerous women that have alleged Bill Clinton has assaulted them.

The conversation went like this:

Hannity: Let me ask you: she sent out a tweet that women that are victims of sexual assault have a right to be believed. It was on the front page of Drudge last night. The issue of Juanita Broaddrick, then there’s Kathleen Willey, then there’s Paula Jones. All have made allegations against her husband that he assaulted them. I’ve interviewed these women, all three of them and others. Does that mean, would it be a legitimate campaign issue to ask her, “Hillary, if victims have a right to be believed, do you believe them?” Or do you think that’s unfair?

Fiorina: No, I don’t think it’s unfair.

After discussing Hillary Clinton’s consistent failures dealing with foreign policy, Hannity returned to Hillary and the Democratic Party’s incessant use of the war on women theme:

Hannity: Carly, The reason I asked is because I watched her rise to power in New York and I watched poor Rick Lazio, who was running against her to be senator of New York, He had the unmitigated gall, during a debate, to watch gently across the screen and hand her a piece of paper. You would think he hit her in the head with a baseball bat. It was such a horrible, sexist thing to do, and I watched what they did to Mitt Romney, who was carrying around resumes for women, and that’s a war on women, but she takes money from countries that treat women horribly and nobody in the media talks about it. Why is that?

Fiorina: Because there’s a double standard, Sean. We’ve talked about this before. There’s a double standard for liberal women versus conservative women. But let’s be realistic. This is the campaign she’s going to run. She will play the gender card over and over and over. Why? Because she actually can’t talk about how right she’s been on foreign policy. Why? Because she actually doesn’t have a track record of accomplishment and actually that’s why it matters who we put up against her. I can beat Hillary Clinton.

A few moments later, Hannity had one more question:

Hannity: Do you think some of your fellow GOP candidates saw what happened to Rick Lazio, saw what happened, know what happened to Mitt Romney, and maybe are little more timid, they’ll tread lightly because of that?

Fiorina: I don’t know. I can’t get inside their head. What I would tell you is; having grown up in a man’s world, I understand that conservative principles work better to lift women up. Hillary Clinton is wrong about what it takes to help women.